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Collection of Royal Crown Derby Albert Gregory Porcelain

The Derby factory was founded by 1747 and is considered to be one of the earliest known factories in England for producing porcelain. By 1773 George III was so pleased with the quality of work he awarded the factory the name Crown ahead of the Derby name. Following this, the factory transitioned between many different owners and partners but continued to sell top quality porcelain. By 1877 the modern production of Derby had begun and corresponded to the height of the Victorian era. One of the best artists hired by the Derby factory was Albert Gregory. Most well known for the “Gregory Roses”, Albert gained fame for his wonderful composition of floral bouquets. A.H. Wilkens will be offering a wonderful selection of Gregory porcelain in our forthcoming January 27th Antique Estate Auction. The auction begins at 11am and will feature a selection of sterling silver, plate, estate jewellery, porcelain, glass, fine art, Canadian books, antique & mid century furniture. Be sure to check this auction out!